Mainstays 3 Shelf Bookcase Instructions, the Modern Bookcase with Multiple Colors

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Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase instructions allow you to assemble the bookcase in the right way. Bookcase itself is a small yet versatile furniture piece that every house should have. What makes it so necessary? Today, bookcase is not merely for book and instead it transforms into versatile furniture that takes part in avoiding cluttered house. Picture frames, lamp, even table accessories can be accommodated on your bookcase. Among many options to go, Mainstays is a brand you can always count on. Coming with assembly instructions, you will never fail to build it on your own.


What is actually Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase? How about the specifications? If you are planning to purchase Mainstays bookcase in immediate future, you need to know detailed information about it. Actually the manufacturer, Mainstays, releases several variants of 3-shelf bookcase. You can find one with multiple finishes and reclaimed wood.

The 3-shelf bookcase from Mainstays is actually a bookcase that brings modern style as well as functionality. To any room, it can be versatile addition to enhance interior decoration. This furniture piece features 3 sizable shelves that form a contemporary ladder, making it a suitable place to store picture frames, collectibles, or books. To ensure its durability, it is designed with metal frame that is available in reclaimed wood finish or mocha. Mainstays also provide Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase assembly video to guide you.

Another version of Mainstays 3-shelf bookcase comes with more elegant design. Unlike the previous version that equips metal frame, this bookcase provides safer protection for any item that you place on it. Thanks to the side outer wooden frame that makes it a perfect addition for contemporary or modern house. Also known as standard model, this bookcase offers multiple colors that can be adjusted with your preference. Whenever purchasing this item, Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase instructions are ready to guide you in assembling the pieces.

Do you want to make an online purchase? Then you need to be informed that the dimensions of Mainstays bookcase are 21.3 x 11.8 x 35.4 inches with 21 pounds of shipping weight. Overall, this is a nice and recommended product to level up your interior. No more cluttered collectibles, picture frames or books as Mainstays come to make them stay. With two variants, chose one that suits your house interior concept. Bring the bookcase home and be ready to assemble the pieces with Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase instructions.